Updated on: 08-09-2023

This website www.baateinsnehkhel.com (“website”) has been developed and is being maintained by Dost Learning Foundation (“Dost Education”). The Website is an initiative by Dost Education to demystify “Responsive Caregiving” through real-life stories of caregivers and children. 

The website provides information on responsive caregiving practices through a series of photo-stories documented from across families living in India; that encapsulates ‘Baatein, Sneh, Khel (Talk, Care, Play) as integral for the growth and development of children in the early years and foundational stage. 

The Website is an invitation to learn about ‘Baatein, Sneh, Khel, to be able to : 

  • foster deeper conversations on responsive caregiving and early childhood care and education that leads to comprehensive parent support programs, 
  • to connect, collaborate or contribute ideas and share public goods relevant to the cause of growth and development of children in the early years and foundational stage,
  • to empathize with caregivers, factor in and respect their agency before designing ECD programs, and consider all aspects of caregiver support.

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