Everyday moments are great areas of learning for a child.
Let's nurture these through talk, care and play.


Meet the Families

Caregiving plays an essential part in early childhood care and education. It highlights the concept of Responsive Caregiving by emphasising how "care" & "caregivers" are synonyms! Responsive Caregiving is the ability of the caregiver to notice, understand, and respond to their child’s unique needs in a timely and appropriate manner. While there is a lot of research that establishes the significance of responsive caregiving, have you ever wondered what this truly looks like in the everyday lives of a family? Especially in a country as diverse as India?

That’s why we embarked on a beautiful journey to capture responsive caregiving practices across families. In this journey, we learn about each family's story within their unique contexts and get a glimpse of talk, care and play in action! Come, let’s meet the families!