The Active Bloomers
Kushagra (2.3 yrs)
Ganagaprasad, Grandfather; Shradha Devi, Grandmother; Bhavana, Mother; Rohit, Father; Kalpna, Aunt; Tribhuwan Kumar, Uncle

Bhavana is a basketball athlete who has won numerous medals and competitions. She is currently a PT educator (Physical trainer) in a public school, and her spouse Rohit works in a poultry farm. Bhavana lives with her own parents, her son Kushagra & her brother and sister-in-law in the cantonment area of Dehradun. This place is closer to Bhavna’s school! They live near a forest area filled with greenery, flowers and the sound of birds.  While Bhavna and her 2.3-year-old son, Kushagra, often go to meet his father, he is adored and cared for by everyone in the family here. Kushagra loves to spend time gardening with his grandma or just waiting till his grandpa takes him out on a stroll along the forest trail. While his aunt and mother share the responsibility of providing him with a healthy and active routine!

Responsive Caregiving Moments

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Praying with Grandma

Kushagra stood beside his grandma with the pooja bell in his hand.

Grapes Time with Mami

Kushagra’s aunt brought him a plate full of green grapes.

Vegetable Shopping with Mother

Bhavana picked up Kushagra as they quickly walked to reach the vegetable seller in front of their house.

Learning with Mother!

Following his mother’s instruction, Kushagra repeated after her, observing the picture she pointed out.

Kushagra’s Exercise Time

Under the bright morning sun, Kushagra and his mother started their usual push-up routine.

Grandpa and the forest trail

Pushing Kushagra’s blue cycle, his grandpa pointed out big trees, birds, dogs and fallen leaves they saw on their way.

Gardening with Grandma

Kushagra filled the jug with water and slowly carried it to the plants, ensuring no drop spilled.

Playtime with Mom

Kushagra and his mother sat together, arranging the colourful rings.

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