Grandpa and the forest trail

Pushing Kushagra’s blue cycle, his grandpa pointed out big trees, birds, dogs and fallen leaves they saw on their way. Kushagra’s eyes followed his grandpa’s fingers curiously, attentively listening to his grandpa’s words. “Woh pedh dekho Kitna bada hai na?” (See! Isn’t the tree so big!), “Batao woh kya hai?” (Tell me what is that?), as his grandpa kept describing what they saw and engaged Kushagra by asking him questions.

“Roz shyam ko main usko jungle ke pass wale road pe le jata hoon. Usko maza aata hai mere saath aise cycle pe jana aur ass pass ki chizein dekhna.” (“Every evening, I take him to the forest trail. He enjoys going out in cycle with me and seeing the things around him)," said the grandpa.
Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Gross Motor Skills: Cycling helps Kushagra develop better balance and coordination. It enhances his overall motor skills and body control.





a. Cultural awareness and appreciation: By experiencing and appreciating nature, Kushagra understands his cultural environment and builds a close connection with nature. b. Exploration and discovery: Taking Kushagra out regularly to his neighbourhood and showing/describing things around him helps him imagine, explore and learn different things around him.


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