Vegetable Shopping with Mother

Bhavana picked up Kushagra as they quickly walked to reach the vegetable seller in front of their house. As they reached, she held his son higher up so that he could have a better view of all the vegetables in the cart! Excitedly, Kushagra peeked and pointed at the veggies he wanted, proudly identifying their names,

“Woh chahiye! (I want that!) Potato!”

Finally, delighted, Kushagra secured the packet of vegetables from the vendor and smiled at his mother.

Responsive Caregiving Connect


a. Self-awareness and self-identity: Acknowledging and respecting Kushagra’s preferences, like allowing him to choose the vegetables himself, his mother nurtures his sense of agency and autonomy. It promotes self-awareness, allowing him to understand his own desires and choices.


a. Memory and attention: Kushagra’s act of identifying and naming vegetables involves cognitive processes such as categorisation, memory recall, and associations. It stimulates his cognitive abilities and helps expand his knowledge base.




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