Kushagra’s Exercise Time

Under the bright morning sun, Kushagra and his mother started their usual push-up routine. Attentively, Kushagra watched and followed his mother’s instructions, pushing his body up and down with his little arms. “One, two, three, four…!” his mother started counting every time they went down. Seeing that, Kushagra loudly counted together.

“Roz exercises karne se chote bachon ka motor skills badh ta hai aur woh physically active hotey hain. Isliye main uske saath roz kuch na kuch chote exercise karti hoon (Regular exercise helps younger children develop motor skills and become physically active. Therefore, I regularly try doing small exercises with my child)," said Bhavana
Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Gross motor skills: Regular exercise like push-ups improves Kushagra’s large muscle and overall body coordination and helps him become physically active.






a. Responsive and nurturing caregiving practices: Kushagra’s mother's knowledge and active exercise involvement set a positive example for the child. Exercising together strengthens their bond and helps Kushagra lead an active lifestyle.

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She peeled off the outer skin of the banana till the end, just like how Kanika liked it, and gave it to her.

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Following his mother’s instruction, Kushagra repeated after her, observing the picture she pointed out.

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