Learning with Mother!

Sitting beside Kushagra, his mother taught him the alphabet, associating each letter with the relevant object in the book “A for apple,” “B for the ball,” etc. Following his mother’s instruction, Kushagra repeated after her, observing the picture she pointed out. Each time he repeated, his mother encouraged him, saying, “Good!” Together they explored and learned new letters. But their learning session didn’t end there. She continued teaching him counting and vegetable names in English. After learning, Kushagra excitedly stood up, saying,

“Carrot! Brinjal! Potato…!” as he pointed to the vegetable pictures pasted on the wall.
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a. Phonemic awareness and early literacy skills: By pronouncing the names of vegetables, Kushagra develops phonemic awareness, which is essential for learning to read and spell words. Learning the alphabet and counting helps him gain early literacy skills.



a. Parent-child communication and bonding: Kushagra’s mother's clear communication and encouraging words make learning easy for him. She creates a space for them to bond with each other positively.

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