Gardening with Grandma

Kushagra filled the jug with water and slowly carried it to the plants, ensuring no drop spilled. Standing beside him, his grandma guided him on how much water to pour into each plant. Kushagra attentively listened to his grandma’s instructions and watered the plants one after the other. Kushagra and his grandma lovingly looked after their vibrant flowers with care.

“Roz shyam ko mere saath woh paudhon ko pani deta hai aur chote kaamon me madad karta hai (Everyday, Kushagra comes to water the plants with me and helps me with small tasks)," said the grandma with a bright smile.
Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Fine motor skills: This act helps Kushagra develop coordination of small muscles in his hands and fingers to hold the jug and pour the water without spilling.



a. Memory and Attention: Watering the plants and following his grandma's instructions, Kushagra enhances his concentration and focusing skills.



a. Cultural awareness and appreciation: Gardening with grandma helps Kushagra appreciate the beauty of nature and develop his expression to care and love for the plants.


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