Praying with Grandma

Kushagra stood beside his grandma with the pooja bell in his hand. He rang the bell, “Ding! Ding! Ding! While his grandma started the morning pooja (prayers). Kushagra mimicked his grandma by joining both his palms and offering his prayers. He even followed his grandma's actions, like kneeling down to take the blessing, placing the flower, etc, completing their daily pooja routine.

“Roz mere saath Subha ke time baith jata hai aur mere ko dekh ke, mere jaise pooja karta hai (He always sits with me in the morning worship and tries to mimic me)," said the grandma laughing.
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a. Imaginative Play: By mimicking his grandma's actions, he is using his imagination to replicate the religious rituals, fostering creativity and cognitive development.




a. Cultural awareness and appreciation: Participating in the household rituals, Kushagra learns about the customs, traditions and culture to which he belongs. This helps him create his own cultural identity and belief.


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Kushagra’s aunt brought him a plate full of green grapes.

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