The Creative Educators
Samarth (3 yrs) & Atharv (6 yrs)
Rekha, Mother; Marwal Singh Rana, Father

Living in the mountains surrounded by tall trees is a family that wants to constantly try different things to support their children. Rekha is an Anganwadi worker, and her spouse Marwal Singh Rana, is a clerk in the high school. They live with their two children Atharva (elder) & Samarth (younger) in a one-bedroom wooden house in Chakrata. Samarth goes to the Anganwadi Centre, where his mother works, while his elder brother goes to school. Samarth and his brother like to play and sit on the long corridor outside their house, shared by their neighbour, supported with wooden hand trails and decorated with hanging flower pots. The house has a direct view of the mountain ranges. Their house is filled with colourful clips, children’s books, a dictionary, the children’s toys & the ones that Rekha had made using wool and old plastic bottles for her children, like a white swan, blue doll, etc. Both parents lovingly call their children by their pet names,  Atharva is called ‘Yuvi’ and Samarth is called ‘Zubi’. Yuvi and Zubi spend their time together learning new things, drawing and playing games like hide and seek, catch and catch. Rekha and Rana share the responsibilities of caregiving. When one takes care of the household chores, the other engages in taking care of the children.

Responsive Caregiving Moments

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Atta and shapes

Together, they crafted various shapes like fish, mountains, and boats, arranging them on a plate.

Samarth’s piggy ride

As usual, Samarth was getting ready to go to the Anganwadi Centre with his mother, who was also a teacher there.

Nail Paint and Me

His father opened the nail polish bottle and began painting Samarth's fingers one by one

Samarth’s Watermelon

As Samarth's mother cut the watermelon, he grabbed a piece and started eating it.

Clothes and Clips

As Samarth watched his mother drying clothes, he picked a wet pink garment from the pile.

Mom and Flying Fan

Woshhhhh.. went the small toy fan flying across the room.

Push-up Time with Dad

He pushed his body up and down with his arms while his knees met the floor. He tried to imitate his father precisely.

Mom and the Alphabet

“I for ice cream !” said Samarth’s mother pointing out the picture of the ice cream in the book.

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