Clothes and Clips

As Samarth watched his mother drying clothes, he picked a wet pink garment from the pile. His mother lifted him onto her shoulder, raising him higher so that he could reach the rope. Samarth then proceeded to hang the damp pink cloth on the line. Adding the final touch, Samarth put on a yellow clip so that the clothes don't fall.

“Pehle se hi main use chote chote kam karne keliye bolti hoon, jaise kitchen mei jake glass rakhna, carpet thik karna vagairah”, (From his early days, I ask him to do small tasks like keeping the glasses in the kitchen, arranging the carpet etc.) said Rekha
Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Fine motor skills: Samarth uses his fingers and hand muscles to grasp and manipulate the small clip. This enhances his skill in controlling his hand movements.


a. Life Skills: This moment helps Samarth develop a sense of competence and independence as he learns to participate in daily tasks.





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Atta & Alphabets

The twins sat with their mother around the table with atta dough in the bowl as usual.

Gardening with Grandma

Kushagra filled the jug with water and slowly carried it to the plants, ensuring no drop spilled.

Samarth’s piggy ride

As usual, Samarth was getting ready to go to the Anganwadi Centre with his mother, who was also a teacher there.

Children and the little goat

Their little black goat was back from the fields running and jumping outside their house.

Daksh and Laphing

Daksh’s mom prepared homemade laphing, a cold mung bean noodle pancake-type dish popular in Tibetan cuisine.

Hide and Seek with Grandma

Shhh! said the twins to each other, hiding behind the flowering madhumaltis (green bushes covered with pink flowers).

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