Samarth’s Watermelon

As Samarth's mother cut the watermelon, he grabbed a piece and started eating it. While he enjoyed the juicy fruit, his mother conversed with him, asking, “Pasand aya? Metha hai? Aur chahiye? (Do you like it? Is it sweet? Do you want more?). In the midst of their interaction, Samarth whispered something to his mother, and then his mother playfully tickled him and joined in the fun.

“Mei roz use kuch phal khilati hoon, jo bhi us mausum mei mil jata hai.” (I try to give him fruits every day that are seasonally available) said the mother.
Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Health, Hygiene and Nutrition - Regularly giving Samarth seasonal fruits helps in the development of healthy eating habits. Exposure to a variety of fruits helps him gain a high amount of nutrients and overall wellness.


a. Safety and Security - Samarth’s playful interaction with his mother helps him feel secure and creates a safe environment to express himself freely.





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