Mom and the Alphabet

“I for ice cream!” said Samarth’s mother pointing out the picture of the ice cream in the book. Samarth looked where his mom had pointed her finger and loudly repeated what his mother said. After learning a few letters of the alphabet from the English book, his mother asked him to bring out his notebook. She then told him to write down the alphabet he had just learnt in the notebook. While Samarth was writing with his blue ballpoint pen, his parents watched him lovingly.

“Zubi (Samarth) bahoot hoshiyaar hai, woh jaldi sari chize sikh leta hai.” said Rekha. (“Zubi (Samarth) is really smart. He learns things quickly.”)
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a. Phonemic awareness and early literacy skills: Samarth gains the phonemic awareness to identify and connect with individual sounds in words. This skill is essential for developing early literacy skills, such as letter-sound correspondence. b. Effective communication: Samarth's mother's clear communication helps him understand instructions and concepts, helping his overall language and communication skills.



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