Atta and shapes

Samarth, with his mom and brother, were rolling atta dough into small pieces. Together, they crafted various shapes like fish, mountains, and boats, arranging them on a plate. As they created, Samarth's mother pointed to each shape and engaged him asking questions, "Ye kya banaya hai? (What is this shape?)" and "Kaha dekha hai apne ye? (Where have you seen them?)." Samarth tried to answer his mother's questions, and whenever he found himself unsure, his mother guided and taught him.

“Maine aise atta se seekhane ka tareeka dost ke calls se suna tha. Isse bache jaldi sikh jate hai aur unko maja bhi ata hai.” (I learned to teach using atta dough through Dost calls. This technique helps the children learn quickly, making the learning enjoyable.) said the mother.
Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Fine motor skills: In this act, Samarth uses precise hand movements, finger dexterity, and coordination. This helps him strengthen his fine motor skills.




a. Effective communication: Through the conversations, Samarth develops his communication skills, like vocabulary acquisition, sentence formation, and expressive language.


a. Creative expression through art: Samarth expresses his creativity by shaping atta dough. He gains an understanding and appreciation for his culture through his mother's use of their native language and cultural references.


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