Push-up Time with Dad

“Upar..aur...Niche!” (Up…&...Down!) repeated Samarth’s dad.

Samarth placed his hands on the floor and assumed the knee push-up position. He pushed his body up and down with his arms while his knees met the floor. He tried to imitate his father precisely. Whenever his father said, “niche” (down), Samarth flexed his arms, lowering his upper body down and pulling himself up when his father instructed, “upar” (up). After continuous exercises, Samarth showed his arm muscles to his mother with a smile on his face.

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Gross motor skills development: In this case, Samarth uses his arms and legs to perform the push-ups, which helps strengthen his upper body and improve his overall physical strength and body control. b. Health, hygiene & nutrition: Samarth engages in physical activities with proper form and technique, which ensures his safety and reduces the risk of injury.






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