Samarth’s piggy ride

As usual, Samarth was getting ready to go to the Anganwadi Centre with his mother, who was also a teacher there. They walked down from their house, and Samarth's mother prepared to give him a piggyback ride because the path was rocky and steep due to the mountains. Samarth sat on his mother's back, greeting everyone they passed along the way. While walking, his mother pointed out different things to Samarth, such as big rocks, tall trees, furry dogs, and even a moth they discovered together. As they approached a staircase, Samarth's mother asked him to climb down the stairs while she held his hands for support. After a short journey, they reached the Anganwadi Centre.

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Gross motor skills: Samarth’s acts of climbing, jumping and walking involve coordination, balance, and body awareness, which contribute to the development of his physical abilities. b. Sensory exploration and integration: Samarth engages his senses, such as visual perception, auditory awareness, and tactile sensitivity, by observing and experiencing his environment. This sensory integration helps him connect different sensory inputs and develop a deeper understanding of the world.





a. Exploration and discovery: Samarth's mother pointing out various objects like rocks, trees, dogs, and a moth allows him to learn, explore and be aware of his surroundings.


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