Mom and Flying Fan

Woshhhhh.. went the small toy fan flying across the room. Samarth’s mother kneeled behind him, holding the bright yellow-green fan. She taught Samarth to roll and push forward the fan to make it fly. Samarth followed her mother’s hand movements and instructions and tried to do it independently. Samarth flew the fan from one end of the room to another as his parents watched him play.

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Fine motor skill development: Samarth improves his dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and finger strength by playing with a Fan, which requires precise movements and control of his small muscles. b. Sensory exploration and integration: Samarth engages his senses by observing the fan’s colours, texture and sound. This sensory exploration helps him develop a deeper understanding of the world around him.






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