Chungi with Pappa

Kanika took her father’s hand and went outside to play catch and throw with Chungi (small bundle of tyre pieces tied together like a ball). Both of them played together by tossing the chungi back and forth.

“Pados ke bache chungi kehlte hain, toh inko bhi kehlne ka mann karta hai. Isliye khet se ane ke baad shyam ko kabhi kabhi inke saath main kehlta hoon.” (The neighborhood children play chungi. Seeing them, my children also wanted to play. So, whenever I get time after coming from the farmlands, I try to play with them.) said the father.
Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Gross motor skills: Playing with chungi helps Kanika strengthen her running, throwing, and catching abilities.






b. Responsive and nurturing caregiving practices: Playing with Kanika helps his father fulfil his child’s interest and need for connection. This helps strengthen the parent-child relationship and builds a sense of security in Kanika.

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