Grandma's Dancing Stars

“Speaker on hotey hi dono kudh hi nachna shuru kar dete hain. Hum bhi unke saath nach lete hai maze se.” (“They both start dancing as soon as the speaker gets turned on. We too dance together with them”) said Grandmother.

A single speaker on the wall gifted by the kids’ bua (aunt) gets switched on from time to time. It plays their native Gadwali songs and the brothers can be seen dancing excitedly to the beats. They are often joined by their grandmother and together the trio happily dance away! This activity sometimes gets a unique makeover where the brothers use their sunglasses as a prop to make it look as if it’s a part of their costume. While grandma led the dance, her grandchildren followed her lead and tried to mimic her steps in their own way!

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Gross Motor Skills: While dancing the children were able to improve hand-eye coordination, balance and their cardiovascular health which is crucial for their holistic development.


a. Emotional Bonding : Through their dance, the children were able to build a strong emotional connection with their grandmother, while experiencing joy.




a. Cultural Awareness & Appreciation: Gadwali dance encourages the children to explore their cultural identity and roots. It fosters an appreciation for their unique culture and promotes a sense of belonging.


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