Children and the little goat

“Un dono ko bhi chani le jate hain humare saath. Woh gaay, bhains aur bakaree ko khana khilate hain aur khelte hai unke saath. (We take our children to the livestock shelter in the valley below. They both feed and play with the goats, buffaloes and goats over there”) said the father.

Kanika and Rohan stepped outside their house. Their little black goat was back from the fields running and jumping outside their house. Kanika swiftly captured it, and both the siblings showered it with gentle hugs and kisses. This is how the trio often played. They took turns feeding their friend while their grandfather watched over them.

Responsive Caregiving Connect


a. Empathy and Compassion: Both the children develop empathy and compassion towards the animal through this act. b. Self-awareness and self-identity: The children take on the role of caregivers by feeding the children, which contributes to their understanding of themselves and their capabilities. c. Life Skills: Kanika and Rohan learn to take responsibility for taking care of someone. This helps in the development of personal growth and independence.





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