In and Around the Hills with Grandma

“Ye dono dadi ke saath hi rehte hain jab hum sab khet mei jate hain. unke saath hi kehlte aur agar hum dono ne kuch keh diya toh dono dadi ke piche chup jate hain.” (“Both of children stay with their grandma when we are all on the farm. They play with her and always hide behind her if we try to scold them.”) said the father jokingly

Grandma and Rohan, on a daily afternoon, walk around their neighborhood. They walked together hand in hand, and then Grandma pointed at different things as they strolled. She showed Rohan the white flowers, plants, birds, mountains, and goats they went on spotting along the way.

Responsive Caregiving Connect


a. Security & Safety: The grandmother's act of holding Rohan’s hand while walking helps Rohan feel protected and cared for, fostering a sense of trust and emotional security.




a. Exploration and Discovery: The act of showing things around helps Rohan nurture his curiosity and empathy towards the natural world. This encourages him to develop an appreciation for living beings and their environment.


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