Playtime with Papa and Grandma

Rohan picked up the black cycle tyre that had a long wooden stick attached to it from the aluminium trunk. This was one of his favourite toys that his father had given him to help him learn to walk and play at the same time.

“Ye cycle tyre ko pakad pakad ke dheere dheere chalna seekh jatey hain aur fir usi se khelte hain, jab toot jata hai to main unke liye ek aur aisa bana deta hoon” (He holds the cycle tyre and learns to walk slowly. When the cycle tyre gets broken I make one and give him”) said Rohan’s father, Surendra.

Rohan’s grandma made him hold the cycle tyre and showed him how to push and roll it. After a few tries, Rohan ran around every corner of the house, moving the tyre with his hands & his grandma and papa will be keeping a close watch, giving him a gentle push from time to time.

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Gross motor skills: Rohan develops his large muscle groups and coordination by pushing and rolling the tyre. b. Sensory exploration and integration: Rohan's play with the cycle tyre involves exploring its tactile sensations, while sensory exploration enhances his sensory integration skills.






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