Banana Time

Kanika’s mother got both of them bananas from the kitchen. She peeled off the outer skin of the banana till the end, just like how Kanika liked it, and gave it to her. And for Rohan, she gave him the half-peeled banana so that he could peel the rest of it himself! Both of them ate the bananas by walking around the house. Kanika’s mother has been giving them nutritious food from an early age to help them grow healthy, especially in the harsh winter of the mountains.

“6 mahine tak meine in dono ko Madhwe ki goli bana kar khilati thi, taki unko zaroori poshan mile.” (“I fed them finger millet balls to help them build immunity”) says Neetu.
Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Fine motor skills development: Rohan’s task of peeling the banana requires precise finger movements and coordination. b. Health, Hygiene & Nutrition: Giving both children bananas as a healthy snack helps them gain essential nutrients. And including them in their diet regularly promotes healthy eating habits.


a. Emotional regulation and expression: By attuning to Kanika's needs and catering to them, the mother demonstrates a sensitive approach to caregiving. This not only fosters a sense of security and trust in the child but also empowers them to express their preferences and emotions more effectively.





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