Shall We Work with Maa!

Usha’s routine of studying to get back to work and support her husband made the twins curious because she uses a laptop! They usually gather around her to observe what was happening.

“Woh dono mere pass ake puchte hain mummy aap kya kar rahe ho? Ye kya hai? Ye dabane se kya hota hai? Fir mein unko dikhati hoon aur wo bhi jo letters seekha hain wo dabate hain.” (Both of them come and ask me what am I doing? What is this? What happens if I press the key? And I try to show them while they sometimes press the letters they know)” said the mother.

“Maine ITI se architecture ki padhai ki hai, uske baad thoda kaam bhi kiya tha. Fir shadi hui aur bacche bahut chote the, abhi wapas inke papa ke sath kaam karna chahti hoon.” (I studied architecture from ITI and used to do a job as well. Then I got married, and the children were really young. Now I am planning to work again and support their father.) said Usha.

Responsive Caregiving Connect



a. Memory and attention: The twin’s build their cognitive abilities by actively processing and remembering the cause-and-effect relationship between pressing keys and the laptop's response.


a. Language acquisition and vocabulary development: Twins enhance their language as they learn new words and phrases related to technology and computing.



a. Responsive and nurturing caregiving practices: The mother's responsiveness to the twins' inquiries exemplifies nurturing caregiving practices. Actively meeting their needs and supporting their curiosity fosters brain development.

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