Hunger Taken Care of by Papa

Vikram could sense when his children were hungry or “Unko dekh ke hi samajh me aa jata hai” (I get to know from just looking at them) he smiled and shared.

Aksh and Papa went inside the kitchen to take care of his growing hunger. Vikram would scoop his son up and let him sit on the kitchen’s countertop while he started preparing warm milk for the little one. During this time, till the food got ready, Papa would engage his son in small tasks, asking him to identify the sugar container from the shelves, passing on a spoon, etc.

Responsive Caregiving Connect


a. Emotional Bonding :: The act of making the drink together builds a strong connection between father and child. It promotes trust, communication, and a sense of security in the child.


a. Memory and attention- The child's involvement in the drink-making process helps him remember things that he has learnt before and apply that knowledge, will also make him more self-reliant in the future.




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