Ball, Water, and Grandma's Wisdom

Aarav and his grandma stepped outside to play catch and throw with the ball. While playing the game, Aarav’s ball would keep falling in the nearby gutter. As Aarav went to pick up the ball, his Grandma asked him to quickly get some water from the house. He had seen his grandma do this before when something fell on the ground! He went into the house and got a glass of water, while picking up the ball, he washed it thoroughly as Grandma watched over and asked him to. She also reminded him to wash his hands before they resumed the game!

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Health, Hygiene and Nutrition: The act of washing the ball also promotes good hygiene and cleanliness habits in the child. It shows the importance of keeping themselves and their surroundings clean.


a. Self-awareness and Self-identity: The act of washing the ball shows that the Arav is taking responsibility for his belongings and learning to take care of them. This fosters a sense of responsibility and independence in the child.





a. Positive Discipline Strategies: The act of washing the ball himself after hearing his grandma’s instruction teaches the child to take responsibility for the consequences of his own actions.

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