Our Mealtime Together

The family always sat together to have a meal without leaving anyone behind. They would wait till everyone was home and only then sit to have the meal. The children were a part of this routine as well! During the meal time, everyone served the food to each other. The children would sit together with everyone else and eat.

“Inko kudh se khana khane sikane keliye, mein unke samne plate mei khana rak deti thi. Woh hum sab ko dekhke waise hi khane ki koshish kar te the” (To help the children learn to eat independently, I would set their plates & they would look at us and try to mimic the way we ate) Sonia shared.

Their mealtime was incomplete without having a conversation about their everyday lives. They ensured that the children were also engaged in the conversation by asking them questions like what did they learn in school, whether they liked the food or what they played with their friends, etc.!

Responsive Caregiving Connect


a. Empathy & Compassion: The practice of waiting for everyone to join the meal together encourages the children to be patient and considerate towards others. b. Life Skills: Letting the children eat independently by observing the elders encourages their sense of autonomy and independence.





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