Hide and Seek with Grandma

Shhh! said the twins to each other, hiding behind the flowering madhumaltis (green bushes covered with pink flowers). Their grandma tried to find them by making a sudden attack. The sisters giggled as they got caught and turned to pluck the pink flowers. They then started a new game where they put the pink flowers as jewellery on their grandma. Their grandma did the same for them!

“Main aksar unke saath khelti hoon. Kabhi chupan chupai to kabhi kuch aur…Aise hi khelte khelte unko aas paas ki chizon ke bare me batati hoon jaise alag alag phool, chidiya, chand! (I often play with them, sometimes hide & seek or something else…while playing I often show them different things in and around us like flowers, birds, the moon etc.!” said Mamta.
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a. Emotional regulation and expression: Grandma playing with her grandchildren builds emotional regulation by creating a fun and safe environment for the children to express their joy and excitement.


a. Observation and making connections: By pointing out different things to the children during play, the twins learn to observe and pay attention to their surroundings. This helps children expand their knowledge and understanding of the world.




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