Colours & Us

The twins sat in the courtyard with colour pencils and a drawing book in their hands. They scribbled on their drawing books using different colours like pink, yellow, and blue, and suddenly took their creativity to the walls of their house, scribbling all over!

“Dono yehan wahan pure ghar ke diwaron par pencil leke kuch kuch banate rehte hai. Unko maza ata hai toh hum unko rokte nahi.” (Both of them scribble with pencils on the walls of the house. Since they have fun doing it, we never stopped them from doing it.) said Usha.

She has taken this as an opportunity and tried to teach them different things, like names of colours in English, by pointing to their coloured crayons & pencils.

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Fine motor skills: The twin's act of drawing helps develop fine motor skills by requiring controlled movements of the hands and fingers while improving their grip.




a. Language acquisition and vocabulary development: Learning colour names helps twins expand their vocabulary and develop an understanding of colours in different languages.


a. Creative Expression: The parents’ act of encouraging and appreciating the children to scribble and express themselves freely builds self-expression, creativity, and self-esteem.


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