Dad’s Delicious Treat

“Inka routine set hota hai, kya kab chahiye. Jab bhi unko bhook lagti hain, woh hume kudh ake bata te hain ya hume kudh hi pata chal jata hai.” (They have a set routine. Whenever they get hungry, they themselves come and say, and we ourselves know when they feel hungry.”) said the father.

Rajat went inside the kitchen and sensed that the twins might be hungry. He heated up milk and added crumbed biscuits to it, creating a delicious treat, one of their favourite snacks! Then feeds his daughters fondly while they are busy drawing, helping their father accomplish his daily responsibility.

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Health, Hygiene, and Nutrition: The father's act of preparing a healthy snack for the children fulfils their nutritional needs.


a. Emotional Bonding: The act of feeding the twins with love & care strengthens the emotional bond between the parent and children.





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