Getting Ready with Maa’s Jewellery

“Dono mujhe dekh kar, mere jaise taiyar hone ki nakal karte hain," (They observe & try to copy how I get ready) said the mother.

The twins often gathered around the mirror and tried on their mother’s necklaces and earrings while looking at themselves in the mirror, just like their mother! Their mother then sat beside them and watched them and often helped them get ready. Their play didn’t end there; they sometimes made necklaces out of their favourite atta dough and asked their parents to help wear them.

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a. Self-awareness and self-identity: This act of mimicking their mother's actions helps them explore their own identity and sense of self, as well as recognise the connection between their own actions and the actions of others. b. Imaginative play: The twins' creative play (mimicking their mother) fosters their imagination & creativity.





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