Holi with Atta

“Dono ne isi saal rangon se holi khelni sikhi. Unko holi itni pasand hai ki ab unko holi khelte rehna hai. Par kyunki hum rang to dete nahin, to bacchiyon ne atta se hi khelna shuru kar diya! Hum bhi unke sath atte ki holi khel lete hain..” (The girls played Holi with colours for the first time this year. They liked it so much that they wanted to keep playing from time to time. Since we don’t give them colours to play with, they now use flour to play Holi from time to time. We also join them!”) said the grandmother.

The twins usually looked for an opportunity and sneaked into the kitchen while others were busy to get some atta. They then grabbed a handful of atta and playfully smeared it on everyone's faces, just like the vibrant colours of Holi. The whole family joined in the playful mess.

Responsive Caregiving Connect

Motor Skills: This type of play stimulates the twin's senses, builds fine motor skills, and encourages physical movement. The parents are also ensuring the safety and well-being of the children by using atta flour instead of harmful substances.


Emotional Bonding: The family's participation in the atta play creates a positive social environment, encouraging emotional connection among all family members.




a. Creative Expression: Playing with atta (flour) instead of colours that could have chemicals help them explore their creativity and develop a sense of promoting their artistic expression while nurturing their understanding of cultural traditions.


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