Atta & Alphabets

“Roti banate samay atta se kuch shapes banati hoon, usy dekh kar bacchiyan puch te hai maa ye kya hai? aap ne kaise banaya? humko ko bhi sikhao!” (While making roti, I make use of the wheat flour to make different shapes to teach them. Seeing that they ask me “mom what is it? How did you make it? Can you teach us too!”) said Usha, Riyanshi & Ruanshi’s, mother.

The twins sat with their mother around the table with atta dough in the bowl as usual. She took out the dough and showed them how to shape it into different letters of the English alphabet. They learned the alphabet while playing the train game, where they created letters by looking at their mother and placing them in the right sequence for the train to move ahead!

Responsive Caregiving Connect

Fine motor skills: Fine motor skills develop when the twins use their hands to press and make shapes helps, thereby strengthening small muscles and body coordination.



a.Exploration and Discovery: The twins learn about the texture and properties of atta dough, which increases their curiosity and creativity.


a. Phonemic awareness and early literacy skills: The twins’ act of making shapes with atta dough enhances their language and literacy skills. It helps them recognise and form letters, build their vocabulary and organise their words in some order to express themselves.



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