Daksh Has New Things to See

Daksh's father took him outside the house to play as usual. Daksh’s father petted their dog, and seeing that, Daksh also petted his dog and played with him. As they walked along, Daksh's eyes caught sight of little pink flowers. He eagerly reached out to touch them, feeling their soft petals against his fingertips, and immediately tasted them. Continuing their walk, Daksh's attention shifted to a broomstick lying nearby. He quickly picked up the broomstick and began sweeping the floor with all his energy. His father watched him and played along with him. After tireless sweeping, he ran to his father’s arms, who hugged and patted him back.

Responsive Caregiving Connect


a. Imaginative/ Pretend Play: Daksh imitating his father's actions, like patting the dog, allows him to take in the role of caregiver, where he learns to show affection and take care of others. b. Safety and Security: Daksh’s father allows him to explore freely without any restrictions, which helps Daksh feel secure.




a. Exploration and discovery: Daksh's exploration outside the house helps build curiosity and awareness of the outside environment.


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