Playtime with Papa

“Jab mein ek ko kuch lake deta hoon toh dusre ko bhi wohi chahiye. Isliye mein hamesha koshish karta hoon ki dono keliye ek jaisi chizein loon.” (Whenever I get something for one, the other demands the same. That's why I try to get exact same things for both of them together.”) says Vikram, father of Arav & Aksh.

As usual, Aarav and Aksh were ready to play with papa as soon as he entered the house. This has been a ritual where everyday, Vikram has to play with the kids after he returns from the shop! He would scoop up Aksh high into the air with both hands as he is able to touch the fan! The younger one exclaimed in joy, “yay”! It was when the older brother too wanted to experience this & soon enough papa would take turns to pick up each kid and let them play, touch and experience the same things!

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Gross Motor Skills: This activity supports gross motor skill development in the children as they stretch their hands to reach & hold on to the fan. And encourages their sense of balance and spatial awareness.


a. Safety and Security: The act of being lifted by their father who held them secure at a height, promotes emotional bonding, builds trust & a sense of security between the father & his children.





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