Daksh and Laphing

“Daksh ko khana bahut pasand hai, wo bas teekha nahi kha sakta… Usko aajkal ye bahar ka khane ka bhi bahut mann hota hai par hum usko aise chizein ghar par hi bana ke dete hain” (Daksh likes to eat food. He just can't eat spicy food. Nowadays, he wants to eat outside food, so we try to make it our house itself) explained Chavi.

Daksh’s mom prepared homemade laphing, a cold mung bean noodle pancake-type dish popular in Tibetan cuisine. Eager Daksh sat down with the bowl of laphing, ready to dig in with the fork. However, the slippery texture posed a challenge for him while trying to pierce the laphing. Right then, he cleverly used his hand to assist the fork, successfully taking a satisfying bite. Daksh even took turns feeding his mother, who attentively watched and encouraged him to eat by himself.

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Fine motor skills: Through this, Daksh strengthens the muscles in his hands and fingers. It helps enhance his dexterity and control. Health, nutrition and hygiene: Daksh’s mother made homemade snacks rather than buying outside, ensuring healthy eating habits and nutrition for her child.






a. Responsive and nurturing caregiving practices: Daksh's mother inculcates autonomy and provides guidance when he needs it.

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