Catch and Throw with Dad

Daksh sat in the middle of the staircase, tossing a ball to his father, who stood below. His father caught the ball and threw it back to Daksh. The playful exchange continued, with both of them enjoying a game of catch and throw.

“Daksh ko mere saath khelna pasand hai. Jab bhi office se aata hoon, woh mere saath hi khelta hai,” (Daksh likes to play with me. Whenever I come back from work, we always play together) said the father.

Daaksh had often seen the bigger children playing something similar and waited to play the same with his father, who is his primary playmate!

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Fine motor skills: This play helps Daksh’s muscle development, hand-eye coordination and fitness.


a. Emotional Bonding: Through the play of catch and throw, Daksh and his father builds a positive emotional connection and creates a sense of closeness between them.





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