Massage time

“Ab chotu ke nanhe nanhe pair mailsh karenge!” (Now, we will massage your teeny tiny legs!) said Chaya excitedly while massaging one of her twin babies. Daksh waited for his turn, drinking his juice while his parents massaged his siblings. His parents laid down the twins on their legs and massaged their bodies with warm oil. They stretched the twins’ arms, legs and gently stroked their backs. After his siblings, Daksh also got his massage session. The massage session was filled with small plays, gentle exercises, and sweet conversations.

“Hum hafte mein 2-3 baar bachoon ko malish karte hai, taki unki haddiyaan mazaboot ho! Hume bhi bachpan mei hamare mummy papa, aise hi malish karte the, toh hume pata hai uska kya faida hai.”(We give massages to our children at least 2-3 times a week. So that their bones become strong! Our parents also used to give us massages when we were young, so we know the benefits of it) said the father.
Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Health, hygiene and nutrition: Giving an oil massage to Daksh and his siblings helps improve blood circulation, soothe muscles, and contribute to relaxation and overall well-being. b. Fine motor skills: Gently rubbing, stroking, and applying pressure to different parts of the toddler's and Daksh’s body, help stimulate and strengthen the muscles in their hands, fingers, and wrists.






a. Parent-child communication and bonding: The parents' engagement during the massage session help show attentiveness, love, and affection to the twins, strengthening the parent-child bond.

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