Playtime with Mom

Daksh was blowing his little pink horn, “Pi! Pi! Pi!”... The loud sound filled the room, causing his mother to cover her ears.

But that didn’t stop him from playing going on while running around in the house. His mother made sure to make him understand not to wake up the twins in the process. She would sometimes join him in the play, sometimes just cheer him on by clapping from behind. Daksh continued his rhythm, giggling and shouting excitedly, “Woohoo!” in between.

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Fine motor skills: The act of blowing requires Daksh to use his lips and mouth muscles in a coordinated manner, which helps in strengthening these muscles and improving their control.






a. Responsive and nurturing caregiving practices: Daksh's mother respects the child's interests and emotions, contributing to a healthy parent-child relationship. And she creates a space for him to explore and express himself within boundaries.

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A single speaker on the wall gifted by the kids’ bua (aunt) gets switched on from time to time.

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