The Loving Elder Brother

Daksh took his mother’s dupatta and wiped his sibling's runny nose. He held one of his twin siblings in his hands and gave a peck on his cheeks. He also puts them to sleep by patting them from time to time, just like his mother does. Daksh spends his time playing and looking after them while his parents watched them over.

“Daksh chota hai, toh use pata nehi kaise chote bachon ko sabaltein hai. Isliye, hum use sikhate hai, kaise araam se unko sulana, pakdna aur khilana chahiye.” (“Daksh is still small; he doesn't know how to take care of toddlers properly. So, we show him how to gently handle them when putting them to sleep, feeding and holding them.”) said his mother.
Responsive Caregiving Connect


a. Imaginative/Pretend Play: Daksh enhances his creativity and imagination by pretending to be a caregiver. It helps him explore various scenarios and develop problem-solving skills. b. Emotional Bonding: Daksk’s care for his siblings strengthens their emotional bond creating a supportive and nurturing environment for the child's overall development. c. Life skills: Daksh develops skills like responsibility, nurturing, and communication while taking care of his siblings. These skills will help him with overall personal growth and take responsible roles in the future.





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Grandmother and her grandkids pretend to ride and play with a car every evening.

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He quickly went and took his mother’s red lipstick from her drawer and walked around the house, trying to apply the lipstick.

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While playing the game, Aarav’s ball would keep falling in the nearby gutter.

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Daksh's father took him outside the house to play as usual.

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Shhh! said the twins to each other, hiding behind the flowering madhumaltis (green bushes covered with pink flowers).

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Aksh and Papa went inside the kitchen to take care of his growing hunger.

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