Mom’s Lipstick

Daksh knew where to look for his mother’s lipstick. He quickly went and took his mother’s red lipstick from her drawer and walked around the house, trying to apply the lipstick. His mother, watching him, showed him how to do it. Following his mother’s action, he tried to apply on his lips. Though some strokes went here and there, he succeeded in applying it.

“Ye hamesha meri lipstick se khel ta hai.” (He always plays with my lipstick. Sometimes, he even eats it.) said the mother laughingly.
Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Sensory, exploration and integration: The act of playing with lipstick helps Daksh have a unique sensory experience with its texture and smell. It helps him explore these sensory aspects, stimulating and expanding their sensory vocabulary. b. Fine motor skills: This act helps Daksh develop his precision skill and control of hand movements.


a. Pretend / Imaginative play: Daksh’s pretend play allows him to explore emotions and understand different perspectives.





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