Playing Car with Grandma

Grandmother and her grandkids pretend to ride and play with a car every evening.

“Meri gardan ke piche se mere kaan ko pakad lete hain, fir use gadi ki steering ki tarah gumate hain..” (They climb behind my back, hold both of my ears & use them like a car’s steering wheel to act as if they are driving!)” laughed Grandma.

A car wheel cover is what is used by grandma & her grandkids to transform into a car, while one of the brothers makes engine noises like “vroom vroom.” Seated behind, his grandmother and brother enjoyed the ride with him and mimicked the engine sound as they moved in & around the house! Grandma also often takes them out to play with their neighbor’s scooty! Pushpa Devi had a dream of owning a car & learning to drive it herself! “Wo to nahi hua to abhi bacchon ke sath aise hi khel leti hoon!” (While that didn't happen, I now play this way with the kids!) exclaimed Grandma.

Responsive Caregiving Connect

a. Motor Skills development : This act required the children to be in sync and show balance while driving along with Grandma, thus leading them to build their both gross & fine motor skills


a. Imaginative/Pretend Play: The game of driving an imaginary car with Grandma encourages them to explore & express themselves in different ways, as well as manage their emotions while doing so.




1. Aesthetic and Cultural Development


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