Tying Shoe laces With Maa

Aarav was ready to go out to play with his friends in the neighborhood as usual. Just one task remained: putting on his shoes. Aarav reached his arms down to his little legs as he prepared to put on his vibrant red socks. Once his socks were in place, he grabbed his bright blue shoes and slid his feet inside. He struggled a bit to tie his shoelaces.

“Aarav bahoot samajdaar hai. Ek baar samjane se, jhat se samajh leta hai…” (Arav is quick to pick up things) said Sonia.

She was standing beside him, watching him the whole time. She then showed him how to tie laces of one of the shoes while Arav looked and tried to do the same with the other one.

Responsive Caregiving Connect


a. Self-awareness and life skills : Aarav's act of trying to tie his shoelaces promotes his self-help skills & encourages him to take care of his belongings and be responsible for his actions.





a. Responsive & Nurturing Caregiving Practices : Sonia’s understanding of her child’s cognitive abilities where he required a little direction and modeling is an example of this.

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