Cycle Ride with Grandpa

“Yaay! Dada ji ke saath cycle pe jayenge! (It's cycle time with Grandpa!),” the siblings exclaimed together.

It was time for their daily ride to school with their grandfather, which was never without a detour! Grandpa would drop Arav to school every morning and Aksh would tag along. The boys climbed up with a little help onto the tiny red seat placed on the cycle, especially for them. Grandpa would smile and say, “Maine bachon ko baihtne ke liye, ek chota sa seat taiyar kia tha cycle pe, taki mere dono bache aram se usmei baithe ke chal sake. (''I placed a small red seat for my grandchildren on the cycle. So that they could sit comfortably to ride with me.")On the way, Grandpa often pointed out the big houses, tall trees, different birds, and cars big and small, to the kids. And the children asked questions about things they saw on the way that made them curious like, “Dadaji woh kya hai? (Grandpa, what is that?) Us pedh ka kya naam hai? (What is the name of the tree?), ye ghar itna bada kyun hai? (Why is the house so big?).”

Responsive Caregiving Connect



a. Observation and Making Connections: Grandpa's guidance helps them observe different new things around and ask questions.It also encourages them to remember what they previously saw/ heard about, with what something they were seeing now!


a. Language acquisition and vocabulary development: Through meaningful conversations with grandpa, the children improve their language and communication skills, learn new words & use the same to express themselves.



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