Doodling with Maa

"Arav ko padhne me dikkat hoti thi, par abhi wo kabhi machli banata hai, toh kabhi number likhta hai. Usko dekh ke Aksh bhi wohi karta karne laga hai" (Arav had difficulty in learning earlier, but now he draws fish, and sometimes numbers and more! Even Aksh mimics him and creates things) says Sonia, mother of Arav & Aksh.

Sonia said “wah'' (very good) to Arav’s red fish with blue eyes while she looked over at Aksh, to see him draw a sun with equal excitement as his brother! As the kids doodled, they discussed what they’d had made with their mother and Their mother, in turn, encouraged them to draw other objects such as different animals, vehicles and vegetables that she had introduced them to through pictures or around the house. At other times, she even got them to draw numbers by counting! Arav and Aksh made art every day. From sketchbooks, to their walls they proudly showed each piece to their mother. Sonia reflects upon her own childhood days and says, “Aaj ka zamana alag hai” (Times are different now). She hopes for better education than hers for her children, where they get to learn while doing something they like! Art seems to be that pathway for the siblings.

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a. Logical reasoning and mathematical concepts: Learning to count and recall things that they have seen, promotes Arav & Aksh’s cognitive development; as they are able to recognize the world through quantities, shapes, and measures.



a. Exploration and Discovery: Experimenting with different art forms encourages the brothers’ exploration and discovery skills, fostering their curiosity and creativity. b. Self- Expression- With the mother encouraging the children to draw, even on the walls, prompts the children's social and emotional development through improved self-expression while sharing.


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