Daksh’s Call Time

“Hello! Hello!” repeated Daksh, who was busy talking on his imaginary phone. With his tiny hands pressed together, he created his own phone. While talking on the phone, he took sips of orange juice in between to re-energize himself.

“Hum jaise baat karte hai phone pe, waise woh bhi kuch kuch bolta rehta hai, hum bhi fir waise phone leke kuch bolte hain. Sab samajhta hai woh!.” (He imitates how we talk on the phone. So, we also take the phone like him and talk. He understands everything!) said Chaya.
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a. Imaginative/Pretend play: Through this act, Daksh develops imaginative and symbolic thinking abilities. Also, strengthen his creativity, problem-solving skills, and social understanding.



a. Effective communication: Daksh’s engagement in pretend phone conversations helps him develop communication skills, expand his vocabulary, and understand the basics of conversation structure.



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